Bay Area Bucket List


Oakland (disclaimer: I did not write these descriptions):

  1. Hug a really big tree at Redwood Regional Park
  2. Sample some great wines and get some exercise by joining a cycling trip with East Bay Winery Bicycle Tours
  3. Rediscover the glamour of Hollywood with a classic movie at the Paramount Theatre
  4. [REVISIT] Toast to Jack London with a beer at Heinold’s First & Last Chance Saloon
  5. [REVISIT] Cheer for the home team at an Oakland A’s game. Done 4/2 (thanks for setting it up, Ken!)
  6. [REVISIT] Relive a moment from the movie UP! with a cone at Fenton’s Creamery DONE 5/27
  7.  [REVISIT] Wonder at the Wurlitzer before a movie at the Grand Lake Theater
  8.  Listen to a Mariachi band at a Fruitvale district restaurant (El Huarache Azteca on Sunday mornings)
  9.  Get lost in the beauty of the Cascades, a waterfall amidst the redwoods in Joaquin Miller Park
  10.  Paint a digital self portrait to add to the collection at the Oakland Museum of California. First sunday of the month is free admission, and Friday night half-price for adults, with Off the Grid.
  11.  Nibble on a pan dulce and other Mexican specialties at Pena’s Bakery
  12.  [REVISIT] Sip a cocktail in the sun on the deck overlooking Lake Merritt at the Lake Chalet
  13. Go to Duende
  14. Eat or drink at Tribune Tower


  1. Snag a slice at Cheeseboard
  2. Explore more of Tilden
  3. Eat brunch in a Thai temple DONE. Read about it here.
  4. Visit the Berkeley Rose Garden

East Bay ‘Burbs

  1. Eat barbecue at Sauced DONE 4/28
  2. Catch a flick at the Vine
  3. Hike Mt. Diablo DONE 4/14
  4. Catch a movie at the Dome before it closes DONE 4/18
  5. Get my name on the wall at Pete’s Brassrail and Car Wash DONE 5/31
  6. Drink too much at Spoontonic (as if there’s any other way to drink there)
  7. Scott’s champagne brunch
  8. Discover WTF goes on WPLJs
  9. Dance at Dan’s

San Francisco

  1. See the new Exploratorium DONE 4/28
  2. [REVISIT] Get Irish coffee from Buena Vista DONE 4/28
  3. Cocktails at Trick Dog DONE 4/28
  4. Sip some crazy concoction at Ice Cream Bar
  5. Drink rum at Smuggler’s Cove DONE 5/26
  6. Hit the beach before brunching at Outerlands in the Outer Sunset
  7. Drink from a boot at Leopold’s DONE 5/26 (technically it was Suppenkuche)
  8. Visit the Ferry Plaza farmers market DONE 4/28
  9. Act like a tourist at Alcatraz
  10. Pick up random trinkets in Chinatown
  11. Harry Denton’s Sunday drag brunch DONE 5/26
  12. Go to another Giants game DONE 4/22



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