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So This is the New Year…

Ever have one of those months when everything is absolute insanity? Where you go, “yay, new month” and then the next second that month is over and you never posted its playlist (guilty)? Well, those were May and June for me. I actually have zero clue where they went (although I suppose I could still […]

Sardi's in New York

Half-Week Hooch: Sardi’s (New York, NY)

Some places in New York are classics for a reason, like Katz’s and Grimaldi’s. But it’s much harder to find an authentic place on the blocks adjacent to Times Square, aka my personal nightmare town, that’s able to walk that fine line between being a draw versus being a tourist trap. Sardi’s is that place […]

Weekend Light Reading: March 7

Anyone have fun weekend plans? I’m on a bit of cleanse while I try to exorcise the demons apparently living inside of my digestive tract, so I think I’m going to hunt down a theater playing Grand Budapest Hotel (pictured above) and do some museum hopping. I’ve also been making a list of weird workout […]

Didn’t I Know You?

I suppose some apologies are in order, although I have a feeling that anyone who read East Bay Burbs knows that I cannot be trusted. I didn’t post anything here in August. I don’t really know why. I mean, I have my excuses. I was trying to find work. I moved to Astoria and had […]

At Least I’ll Be Skinny

you guys, I am so tired and so hungry all the time in New York. I’m not going to give you the blah blah blah about how expensive shit is in New York, because honestly, it’s not that bad. If you’re from the Bay Area. I mean, I went to a bomb dot com sandwich […]

Quick Update

Just wanted to pop in to say hello! I’m alive. I made it to New York in one piece, barely. Super large amount of backup at Southwest the morning of my flight, so had to sprint on to the flight. I am going to be so svelte. Living back in a dorm is…weird, but this […]

In Six Weeks…

I’m moving to New York!! Ahhhh!! After thinking it was a possibility for months, it’s now a cold hard reality, since I mailed a non-refundable $500 deposit off to NYU. I’m freaking out a little bit. And a lot. I’ll be updating the Bay Area Bucket List with a final list, and I’ll link to each completed […]

Watching Someone Else’s Movies: Lethal Weapon

The movie kicks off with some tits, a bad perm, and fuchsia blush. Good start. Remember when Mel Gibson was hot and not terrible? I’m honestly just waiting for Danny Glover to say “I’m getting too old for this shit.” Gary Busey!! ok, i seriously remember nothing from this movie other than the fact that […]

Dear Dad

Dear dad, I totally thought I wouldn’t cry today. I mean, how old is crying? You never really knew what to do when I was crying anyway. Remember that time you bought me that Raja stuffed tiger from the Disney Store? Man I loved that thing. Most days I do just fine. I can’t figure […]

February Playlist

Travel Tunes: February Playlist

Umm…you guys. March crept up on me like woah and now it’s March 7 and I just spent two hours creating a custom header for this thing. Where does the time go? I most definitely owe you a February playlist, and I’m pretty proud of this one. Like…as proud as I am for almost stealing […]

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