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April Playlist

I generally send out Allie’s CDs a bit before the beginning of the month now, but take forever to post them here. My bad. May’s playlist is actually currently on the move to California, but I still have a soft spot for this April one. It feels like a throwback in a way. I feel […]

March Playlist

Oh hey March playlist. I actually had this done way before March, since I send Allie CDs every month as part of a Christmas gift I didn’t realize would be as time intensive as it is, but apparently I’ve become very Photoshop averse and didn’t want to make this image. But it’s here now! This […]

July Playlist

Hey look! It’s still July, and I’m publishing my playlist! It’s like a mid-summer miracle! In all honesty, I struggled this month. I keep listening to the same songs over and over, and most of them I’ve posted previously. I’ve also been finetuning my workout mix, ever since I realized I could get Spotify down […]

June Playlist

So, by now, everyone should get use to the playlists coming up a bit late. June was a bit of a blur. A humid, sweaty, Mr. Freeze in my classroom blur. Open in Spotify Lissie – Shameless: I have a bad habit of a loading up the beginning of my playlists with my favorites, and […]

April Playlist

Don’t even think about the fact that it’s April 4 and I never posted my March playlist. Just don’t. Also, don’t think about the fact that it’s only Thursday, too. I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that it’s not Friday yet. It’s felt like Friday since Tuesday. Instead of thinking about any […]

February Playlist

Travel Tunes: February Playlist

Umm…you guys. March crept up on me like woah and now it’s March 7 and I just spent two hours creating a custom header for this thing. Where does the time go? I most definitely owe you a February playlist, and I’m pretty proud of this one. Like…as proud as I am for almost stealing […]

Travel Tunes: January Playlist

Okay, I get that we’re sneaking up to mid-February. But I kept waffling on including older songs with some newly discovered ones. In the end, I ditched a few I had gotten tired of, kept a few real oldies that were new to me, and decided more people need to listen to Stars. Also, just […]

My Top Songs of 2012

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I’m late to the game on this one, but I’m just now catching up with all the “Best Of” lists for the year. Why does everyone love Usher’s Climax so much? Ugh, who cares. Here’s my top tracks for 2012. And I mean that in a “I’m not 100-percent sure […]

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