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Half-Week Hooch: Barcelona Bar

The funny thing about shots is, as you get older, you really know better. You KNOW better. You know you shouldn’t do them, that tomorrow will be the ugliest of all uglies if you throw back whiskey or tequila with reckless abandon, that you will hate life if you take shots. So by writing about […]

Fitness on the Fly: Fhitting Room, UES, NYC

You guys. I am so sore. Like, cannot even move my arms and my inner thighs are slowly realizing they’re going to face the same fate and maybe I’ll have to sit down on a bench while waiting for the subway sore. Shit’s getting real with my muscles, and it’s all thanks to Fhitting Room. […]

New York Summer To-Do List

I spent the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, inside getting a massage and hanging out in a sauna. Sun worshiper, I am not. But now that we’re officially into summer I can’t help but feel like I’m saying goodbye to New York with each passing week, so I’m trying to make the […]

Half-Week Hooch: The Way Station (Prospect Heights, Brooklyn)

When you’re celebrating your significant other’s birthday, it’s generally bad form to take them somewhere you might enjoy more than they will. Selfish, even. But if you’re celebrating a week early, and using it to bookend a day that started with a homebrewing course, it’s totally acceptable. Right? RIGHT?! So…that’s how Dom and I ended […]

Lulu's Greenpoint

Half-Week Hooch: Lulu’s (Greenpoint, Brookyln)

My love for Lulu’s all boils down to one simple thing: free pizza. Much like my love for Pizza Pub, which sustained me through six weeks of NYU’s Summer Publishing program and the hyper-competitive/severely naive new graduates I had to deal with on a daily basis, my feelings for Lulu’s all come down to gratis […]

Half-Week Hooch: Raccoon Lodge (New York, NY)

I love fancy cocktail bars as much as the next person (actually, probably more), but my heart really lies with dive bars—dark, dank places that always smell like stale beer and attract a crowd that will verbally berate the bartender if their beer costs more than $3. Maybe it brings me back to my Spoontonic […]

Drinking at Rosemary's

Half-Week Hooch: Rosemary’s (Williamsburg), A Love Letter

I tend to fall in love with certain bars and visit them over and over again, securing my place on a barstool with loose tips and the advantages that come with frequent visits during which I prove I’m not an asshole. But it’s hard to categorize my love for Rosemary’s (Greenpoint Tavern). It’s definitely not […]

Obligatory Post: Some Truths About Living in New York City

[photo] Because I’ve been here for 7.5 weeks, which makes me suuuuuuch an expert. The squirrels are some of the laziest, brazen assholes around. I saw a squirrel straight up stop midway through sauntering across my walking path, and look at me like, “whatchu gonna do, bitch?” Then I’m pretty sure he flipped me the […]

Act Like a Tourist: Shakespeare in the Park

I am not a lucky person. I mean, I don’t have terrible misfortunes fall upon me. I just never win anything. I think the last time I won something gambling was playing roulette on Neopets (RIP my neopet, I wish I remembered your name or my password). Keeping that in mind, I entered the Shakespeare […]

Out of the Office: Ace Hotel

[photo] I’ve been a bit of a search for ideal freelancing spots in New York. I tend to avoid Starbucks, and like going to places with a tad more personality and tad less terrible staff (seriously, the one on third ave. by the dorms is terrible). After way too much procrasti-searching freelancing spots on Google, […]

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