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Starting the Week Off Right: The Dreaded Juice Cleanse

I’m convinced that anyone who claims to “really love juice cleanses” and to be “totally satiated” during three days of juice-only sustenance is thriving completely off their own smugness, and at night they just go home and dream about eating real food. Wait, was that just me? Oh good. I’m not going to lie: Juice […]

Starting the Week Off Right: Fake a Glow

  Despite what I’ve been told at beauty counters and by my mom, for some reason I refuse to believe I have good skin. The self-doubt (self-denial?) has only gotten worse in New York, where I’m pretty sure my skin has gone full-blown teen rebellion mode and forsaken me. It doesn’t help that I interact […]

Starting the Week Off Right: A Simple Cleanse

I am typing this definitely not from work, after a brutal red-eye flight where I came to the horrifying realization that my seat didn’t recline, EVEN THOUGH I paid extra for it, since it was in an exit row. And I also should have had the row to myself but some terrible troll complained about […]

Starting the Week Off Right: Oil Pulling

I’ve been into my fair share of hippie dippy things. Making thread friendship bracelets well into my twenties. Owning a book called Hippie. LENTILS. So when I heard about oil pulling, which generally consists of swishing unrefined coconut or sesame oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes to draw out impurities, I wasn’t immediately […]

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