Starting the Week Off Right: Fake a Glow



Despite what I’ve been told at beauty counters and by my mom, for some reason I refuse to believe I have good skin. The self-doubt (self-denial?) has only gotten worse in New York, where I’m pretty sure my skin has gone full-blown teen rebellion mode and forsaken me. It doesn’t help that I interact with a flawless beauty department at my work on the regular. Actually, all of our staff. They’re a good-looking bunch.

I overheard one of our editors (with crazy good skin) mention that she mixes highlighter in with her foundation before applying, but I’ve also heard that cold showers are good for your hair and still refuse to do them. Those kind of beauty tips are for masochists or for people who spend more than 10 minutes applying makeup, and putting on my face takes me less than that these days, including matte lipstick. But after a particularly rough winter and dearth of blush and/or tanner in my life, I rescued a liquid MAC highlighter from the Stone Ages out of the dark recesses of my bathroom drawer and tried it. And IT WORKS. Trust me.

I have combination skin. I matte-ify my nose into oblivion hoping that by making it less shiny I will somehow make it smaller (is it working??). I generally don’t want to add anything to my face that’s going to negate the effects of my powder. But the highlighter makes my skin look healthier. I look like I drink gallons of water, even on the days when I feel like a dehydrated mummy from drinking too much wine the night before. I’ve tricked people into thinking I sleep eight hours a night, and that I don’t fall asleep on my couch with the TV blaring on the regular. It’s the best beauty-related decision I’ve made this year, and I highly recommend it. I’d shoot you a link to the MAC highlighter, but I think it’s literally from 2003 so you’re SOL. But I have a feeling Benefit’s High Beam would work similar, mixed with something like this BB cream (my current favorite).  Sometimes I get fancy and add some post-powder highlighter to my browbone and cheekbones, to fake having bone structure. You do you. Just try it. I promise you’ll fool all the ladies at the beauty counter in cooing over your perfect skin. You’ll look like you flew first class cross-country instead of hunched over your tray table on a red eye. Believe me, I know.




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