Let’s Get Lost: Long Branch Saloon, Half Moon Bay, CA

I’m finally coming home this weekend, after what has felt like AGES, for Steve and Mollie’s wedding. California, oh how I have missed you. After a brief moment of panic regarding some confusion on my part over cowboy hats versus boots, I ended up messaging Mollie to get the okay on boots (which I never EVER wear, but I had styled a whole outfit around them and couldn’t reconcile the look with a pair of normal shoes). She told me to actually check out the venue, Long Branch Saloon, (touché, Mollie, touché), and yeah…I think cowboy boots will be okay…




I cannot wait for this weekend. Plus, I’ve really been craving cake (will there be cake?!?) Second plus: Leanne is on my flight and in my row, albeit on the opposite side! I’m totally sending her beers and pretending to not know her so the person next to me gets creeped out. Not even joking. I’m spending my Sunday bopping around the East Bay and Monday haunting old places of employment, but I may have a spray tan so I won’t look quite as ghostly as normal. You’re still welcome to come say hi.

[images: 1 : 2 : 3]


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  1. […] round 2, electric bronchitis boogaloo). This weekend I’m headed back to California for Steve and Mollie’s wedding and will be red eye-ing back Monday night, so that should make the next week interesting. I […]

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