Monthly Archives: April 2014

April Playlist

I generally send out Allie’s CDs a bit before the beginning of the month now, but take forever to post them here. My bad. May’s playlist is actually currently on the move to California, but I still have a soft spot for this April one. It feels like a throwback in a way. I feel […]

Starting the Week Off Right: A Simple Cleanse

I am typing this definitely not from work, after a brutal red-eye flight where I came to the horrifying realization that my seat didn’t recline, EVEN THOUGH I paid extra for it, since it was in an exit row. And I also should have had the row to myself but some terrible troll complained about […]

Let’s Get Lost: Baltimore, MD

Okay, I get it. Just like Delaware, Baltimore isn’t the sexiest of locations. It isn’t even high on my list of places to hit next. But my godparents will be on the East Coast in May, and I promised to head down to Maryland while they’re in town. I’ll probably spend one night with their […]

Your Next Trip: Five Things to Do in San Antonio, TX

I’ve gotten a little backed up in travel posts. Okay, a lot backed up. I have trips from more than a year ago I need to queue up…cue grimacing/apologetic-looking emoji here. But with my mom and Oscar heading to San Antonio in the near future, I figured it couldn’t hurt to round up a few […]

Weekend Light Reading: April 25

Wow, I really fell of the face of the earth for most of April. So many visitors. So much sickness (I’m currently battling round 2, electric bronchitis boogaloo). This weekend I’m headed back to California for Steve and Mollie’s wedding and will be red eye-ing back Monday night, so that should make the next week […]

Jetset Style: The Basic White Tee

I always think it’s funny when people are surprised I’m not that into fashion, and then I remember I was a style editor and that I currently work at a style magazine. Whoops! I guess it’s not exactly fair to say I’m not into style at all. I constantly want to style the people I […]

Half-Week Hooch: The Way Station (Prospect Heights, Brooklyn)

When you’re celebrating your significant other’s birthday, it’s generally bad form to take them somewhere you might enjoy more than they will. Selfish, even. But if you’re celebrating a week early, and using it to bookend a day that started with a homebrewing course, it’s totally acceptable. Right? RIGHT?! So…that’s how Dom and I ended […]

Let’s Get Lost: Long Branch Saloon, Half Moon Bay, CA

I’m finally coming home this weekend, after what has felt like AGES, for Steve and Mollie’s wedding. California, oh how I have missed you. After a brief moment of panic regarding some confusion on my part over cowboy hats versus boots, I ended up messaging Mollie to get the okay on boots (which I never […]

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