Monthly Archives: March 2014

Let’s Get Lost: Rehoboth Beach, DE

Dying to cross more states off my list; dying to get over to Rehoboth Beach and Dogfish Head’s brewery in Milton. Soon, my precious. You might be part of the camp that thinks Delaware sounds incredibly dull on the surface (guilty!), but it turns out it actually has a pretty sweet beach and boardwalk in […]

March Playlist

Oh hey March playlist. I actually had this done way before March, since I send Allie CDs every month as part of a Christmas gift I didn’t realize would be as time intensive as it is, but apparently I’ve become very Photoshop averse and didn’t want to make this image. But it’s here now! This […]

Weekend Light Reading: March 28

I finally tried Surfset last weekend and it was AMAZING. I highly recommend, unless you’re severely unbalanced (physically, although mentally probably wouldn’t be good either). This weekend I pinky swear I’m really going to try and detox. Last weekend I got sidetracked by beautiful patio weather and the irresistible urge to drink a beer outside. […]

Lulu's Greenpoint

Half-Week Hooch: Lulu’s (Greenpoint, Brookyln)

My love for Lulu’s all boils down to one simple thing: free pizza. Much like my love for Pizza Pub, which sustained me through six weeks of NYU’s Summer Publishing program and the hyper-competitive/severely naive new graduates I had to deal with on a daily basis, my feelings for Lulu’s all come down to gratis […]

Weekend Light Reading: March 21

Yep, winter’s still here, although I think the snow has finally stopped and we may get some warmer weather. Maybe. It’s supposed to get up to the mid-50s tomorrow, which is life-changing. Since I’m trying to save my skrilla for a very busy/expensive April, I’m keeping it local this weekend and doing a little New […]

Sardi's in New York

Half-Week Hooch: Sardi’s (New York, NY)

Some places in New York are classics for a reason, like Katz’s and Grimaldi’s. But it’s much harder to find an authentic place on the blocks adjacent to Times Square, aka my personal nightmare town, that’s able to walk that fine line between being a draw versus being a tourist trap. Sardi’s is that place […]

Weekend Light Reading: March 14

  It’s not exactly surfing weather in New York City right now, with temperatures yesterday plunging back to a toasty “feels like 5 degrees,” but ever since I took my first lesson during my Pacifica trip I’ve been dying to get back on a board. So this weekend my goal is to finally check out […]

Half-Week Hooch: Raccoon Lodge (New York, NY)

I love fancy cocktail bars as much as the next person (actually, probably more), but my heart really lies with dive bars—dark, dank places that always smell like stale beer and attract a crowd that will verbally berate the bartender if their beer costs more than $3. Maybe it brings me back to my Spoontonic […]

Starting the Week Off Right: Oil Pulling

I’ve been into my fair share of hippie dippy things. Making thread friendship bracelets well into my twenties. Owning a book called Hippie. LENTILS. So when I heard about oil pulling, which generally consists of swishing unrefined coconut or sesame oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes to draw out impurities, I wasn’t immediately […]

Weekend Light Reading: March 7

Anyone have fun weekend plans? I’m on a bit of cleanse while I try to exorcise the demons apparently living inside of my digestive tract, so I think I’m going to hunt down a theater playing Grand Budapest Hotel (pictured above) and do some museum hopping. I’ve also been making a list of weird workout […]

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