July Playlist


Hey look! It’s still July, and I’m publishing my playlist! It’s like a mid-summer miracle! In all honesty, I struggled this month. I keep listening to the same songs over and over, and most of them I’ve posted previously. I’ve also been finetuning my workout mix, ever since I realized I could get Spotify down in the dorm gyms if I make it available offline. Priorities, people. Since I figure people care less about my editorializing, since I’m not music expert, I tried to keep it short and sweet.

Open in Spotify

  1. Big Deal – Chair: Silent creeper. I hated this song the first time I listened to it, and now I listen to it every time I strap on my headphones and head out for a walk.
  2. little hurricane – Shortbread: I actually don’t really like the chorus, but the beginning makes it all worth it.
  3. MS MR – Fantasy: MS MR make another appearance this month, because that’s how much I love them. I’ve been waiting for their new album to hit Spotify for a bit now. Yay.
  4. Spirit Animal – The Black Jack White: Just look at that title. Now try not to at least check it out.
  5. K.Flay – 10th Avenue: for when you want to feel like you still do bad things, even though you really work 9 to 5 and go to bed at a reasonable hour.
  6. Vance Joy – Riptide: twangy guitars, and I’d assume the singer(s?) have shaggy beards.
  7. MS MR – Bones: See, they appear twice. I love both. I get a little Florence and the Machine vibe, except I think the lead singer here has candy-colored hair, or I totally made that up.
  8. Notes to Self, Evidence – Nobody [Recoil Remix]: And here you thought I realized I was a white girl from the suburbs. Nope.
  9. Gracies – Habits: Finally on Spotify! Still obsessed, a month or two later.
  10. Portugal. The Man – Purple Yellow Red and Blue: I’ve had a mini chub for Portugal. The Man since 2006.
  11. Lady Danville – Kids: Well, there’s an East Bay suburb in the name, and she’s covering one of my favorite songs that always reminds me of summer/senior year of college.
  12. Jess Ellen – Up All Night: synthy and a little dark.
  13. Walk the Moon – Iscariot: When I first heard this, I was convinced it was a ballad from Kinky Boots. It’s not, but it should be.
  14. Ty Segall – Imaginary Person: Bay Area/friend shout out.
  15. Frankie Rose – Know Me: a nice poppy little jam.
  16. Autre New Veut – Counting: this is coffeeshop working music, and I know this because I listen to this while I work at coffeeshops.

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