Gramercy Food and Drinks: East Japanese Restaurant

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting with conveyor belt sushi. Okay, I kinda do. For some reason, I had visions of a really classy bamboo belt, with elegantly plated fish and rolls. Also, there is inexplicably dry ice creating a nice fog in this vision, and also a boat carrying a dragon roll floating along a lake. Honestly, Gandalf is probably there, ushering the elves and Frodo away to Valinor (spoiler alert! Actually, those books came out a hundred years ago. Get with it and read them. Or have your girlfriend pressure you into marathoning the three movies. Whatever floats your boat.). My brain apparently had really classy visions of what conveyor belt sushi was. So, I was a bit disappointed (okay, REALLY disappointed), when I rolled into East Japanese Restaurant on Third Ave and was met with this:

East Japanese Restaurant

Sorry for the poor quality; I was iPhoning it and trying to be discreet.

It’s not bad, per se, but the place was more a victim of my very weird and strange preconceptions. BUT, I still loved the novelty of it. There is a conveyor belt. It brings you sushi. The price depends on the color plate you have (most range from a little more than a buck to $6), and let me tell you, figuring out what color the plates are as they scoot along by you is not an easy task. Once you’re done, they add up your stack of plates, and wabam, total bill.

All in all, the sushi wasn’t half bad. It feels slightly more sanitary, since the rolls travel in their plastic bubbles and people can’t poke the fish with their grubby little fingers. Also, you can snag seaweed salad, and mochi–covered red bean paste. But the best reason for going to East Japanese Restaurant is on Mondays, when you can score sake sangria, sake, Sapporo, plum wine, and shochu shots fro $1.50. $1.50 drinks, guys. You can also get half-off sushi on Thursday—Saturday, from 11 p.m.–3 a.m., but late night sushi scares me. I’ll leave that to braver souls. Also for braver souls are the upstairs karaoke rooms, which I’m sure are lovely, but best attempted after far more $1.50 drinks than I’m willing to down on a Monday.

East Japanese Restaurant
366 Third Ave., New York City


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