Around New York: Smorgasburg


So, I totally messed up going to Smorgasburg. After making plans with Leanne the night before, confirming “yes, the one in DUMBO,” I somehow ended up in WIlliamsburg at Brooklyn Flea on Sunday instead. BUT, that’s where it happens on Saturday, and a lot of similar vendors were also there.

Here’s the deal with Smorgasburg: It’s basically a mini-food fest, with a number of local food trucks setting up shop in Williamsburg (Saturday) or DUMBO (Sunday), and slinging out tasty, if slightly overpriced, grub.

If you end up going to a Smorgasburg that coincides with Brooklyn Flea, you’ll get the added benefit of being able to walk around and peruse some pretty covetable flea market finds. I was partial to the vintage suitcases (always!), and these rusty letters.

IMG_0006But you’re not there to shop, especially if you’re living a tiny dorm you share with a stranger where you can hear each other sleep and creak around the bed. No no, no homewares for you. You’re there to eat.

IMG_0011If you’re lucky, a nice dude will painstakingly shave down some ice for your organic, local, whatever whatever shave ice from People’s Pops. If you’re like me, you will feel extremely guilty about this slave labor. To the point where you will immediately regret ordering one, and contemplate offering to shave down your own ice, because he shouldn’t have to do it, right? But you won’t, and instead you’ll be left with the sour cherry shave ice your blood money purchased.

IMG_0013I contemplated eating away the guilt from consuming a shave ice probably made of tears with a donut from Dough, but those suckers are gigantic. Like, bigger than my hand (not really…but maybe, if you can pretend I have little midgey hands). They’re big ass donuts, OKAY??

IMG_0007Instead, I went with my food truck/pod/whatever standby: fish tacos. And maybe I was just excited because it was the first time since getting to New York I felt like I was getting good Mexican food, but these fish tacos from Choncho’s Tacos changed my life. I cannot recommend highly enough. Get the goddamn fish tacos. Don’t question me. And please, you’re getting the battered and fried kind. Who honestly prefers grilled fish? You’re walking everywhere, anyway. Get the fried fish tacos.


If, for some reason, you’re against fish tacos (and hence happiness in general), I was also obsessed with an Indian-inspired vegan sandwich from Bombay Sandwich Co. There was no line, and I felt guilty slowly walking by without purchasing anything (guilt plays a big theme in my food choices), so I went for the original: a combo of spiced potato and bread, cut into the adorable tiny triangles pictured below. Another solid choice, and without the terrible lines other stands were sporting.

IMG_0020IMG_0024At this point, there was no way I was eating anything else, but I’ll be back to check out if the Red Hook lobster roll is worth the hype (and hefty price tag), grab one of the crazy s’mores cookies (!!) from S’more Bakery, and maybe attempt the midge hand–sized donuts. Both locations have pretty sweet views of Manhattan and its various bridges.


Williamsburg: Saturday, 11 a.m.–6 p.m., East River State Park (90 Kent Ave. at N. 7th St.)
DUMBO: Sunday, 11 a.m.–6 p.m., Tobacco Warehouse (30 Water St.)


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