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July Playlist

Hey look! It’s still July, and I’m publishing my playlist! It’s like a mid-summer miracle! In all honesty, I struggled this month. I keep listening to the same songs over and over, and most of them I’ve posted previously. I’ve also been finetuning my workout mix, ever since I realized I could get Spotify down […]

Turtle Bay, Oahu (or Why Golf Press Trips are the Best Trips)

This blog was originally supposed to be a travel blog. I had all the right ingredients. I traveled quite a bit the last two years. I went to exotic and not so exotic locations. And then I just never had time. I was working full-time and applying for the NYU summer program, and what I […]

Obligatory Post: Some Truths About Living in New York City

[photo] Because I’ve been here for 7.5 weeks, which makes me suuuuuuch an expert. The squirrels are some of the laziest, brazen assholes around. I saw a squirrel straight up stop midway through sauntering across my walking path, and look at me like, “whatchu gonna do, bitch?” Then I’m pretty sure he flipped me the […]

Act Like a Tourist: Shakespeare in the Park

I am not a lucky person. I mean, I don’t have terrible misfortunes fall upon me. I just never win anything. I think the last time I won something gambling was playing roulette on Neopets (RIP my neopet, I wish I remembered your name or my password). Keeping that in mind, I entered the Shakespeare […]

Out of the Office: Ace Hotel

[photo] I’ve been a bit of a search for ideal freelancing spots in New York. I tend to avoid Starbucks, and like going to places with a tad more personality and tad less terrible staff (seriously, the one on third ave. by the dorms is terrible). After way too much procrasti-searching freelancing spots on Google, […]

Gramercy Food and Drinks: East Japanese Restaurant

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting with conveyor belt sushi. Okay, I kinda do. For some reason, I had visions of a really classy bamboo belt, with elegantly plated fish and rolls. Also, there is inexplicably dry ice creating a nice fog in this vision, and also a boat carrying a dragon roll […]

Act Like a Tourist: Coney Island/Mermaid Parade

There wasn’t a whole lot appealing to me about Coney Island. I’m not a big beach person. Leanne had delightful tales about teenage girl gangs harassing her from her last visit. I may have a slight fear of anything vaguely carnie. But I do love any parade where there’s a possibility of drag queens, so […]

Around New York: Smorgasburg

So, I totally messed up going to Smorgasburg. After making plans with Leanne the night before, confirming “yes, the one in DUMBO,” I somehow ended up in WIlliamsburg at Brooklyn Flea on Sunday instead. BUT, that’s where it happens on Saturday, and a lot of similar vendors were also there. Here’s the deal with Smorgasburg: […]

What to Do in New York

Since I’m unaccustomed to being, cough cough, unemployed, I figured I should stop holing up in my room/various places with free wi-fi, and actually start seeing some of the things I’ve been gathering in my New York Google Drive doc. Then I thought, hey, there are other unemployed recent NYU SPI-grads that could probably benefit […]

June Playlist

So, by now, everyone should get use to the playlists coming up a bit late. June was a bit of a blur. A humid, sweaty, Mr. Freeze in my classroom blur. Open in Spotify Lissie – Shameless: I have a bad habit of a loading up the beginning of my playlists with my favorites, and […]

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