A Better Update, Maybe

hey guys, there's a Potbelly here.

hey guys, there’s a Potbelly here.

Okay, I promised a better update, and now that I’ve discovered a TV lounge where I can half-watched Chopped while I work on the computer, I feel like I can finally take a breath and let people know what I’m actually up to.

First night, went out with my mom to Becco in the theatre district. I already hate the tourists who mill about on the sidewalk, walking three across. Lock it up. Every bottle of wine is just $25, FYI, if you’re paying and it’s not a birthday dinner (yay for birthdays!). Also, as mentioned, Leanne and I made friends with the staff at Mother’s Ruin. I’m pretty sure they love us, as evidenced from our $10 bar tab after drinking for five hours.

Totally lucked out, in that my roommate is a total sweetheart. Our dorm (which we could have ended up sharing with way more people, but the housing gods smiled on me) has a kitchen, but after lugging all of my Bed Bath and Beyond purchases home in a process that made me feel Sisyphean, I opted to not worry about cooking for six weeks and just wing it with disposable utensils and plateware. Not that I’ve had that much time to cook and/or eat anyway.

Classes are a quick subway ride away, and I’ve opted for wearing commuter flats, which makes me die a little inside every time I have to change into them from my heels. Also, I did not bring enough heels. This is already fact, and I am not exaggerating at all. Fuck practicality. Bring me my heels. You can easily spot a person from the program from yards away. I think it’s the combo of blazer, dress/skirt-top combo, and sincere earnestness that NYC hasn’t killed yet. We all sit in little desks with those miniscule writing areas that make your (my) ass feel all huge because you (I)  inevitably knock something over trying to get in/out of them. I decided to abandon all previous allegiances my first day for sitting near the front, which was an excellent choice. Met two friendly gays, who I hope I’ve delighted with my candidness and shared hatred of the vag, in general. They also gave me the dirt on who is INTENSE (hint…they typically sit front row). Also, magazine director announce day one that she has facial blindness, which I knew was real, but now I’m hoping she can recognize me from my ever-changing parade of lipsticks.

or this could work

or this could work

We’ve had amazing speakers, ranging from Brandon Holley (Lucky), Bill Phillips (Men’s Health), Pilar Guzman (Martha Stewart Living), and Anne Fulenwider (Marie Claire). Michael Clinton (Hearst) and Lavinel Savu (InStyle) really blew my mind. To make everyone go, “ugh, we get it Kristen, you looooooove magazines, like, you want to maaaarry them,” I’ve been super inspired, and super tired, and super inspired while trying to glue my eyelids open and clench my jaw in a way that prevents yawns but probably makes me look like I’m struggling to hold in a fart.

My magazine group has actually been pretty swell. I’ve sort of taken over in a managerial sense, making sure everyone stays on track/other bossy people stop talking over other people. But I’d like to think I’m helping run things in such a way that everyone feels validated, and I keep asking people to “explain it to me so I understand,” in a way that I feel is very zen. Also, since I crave constant validation, I’ve been pleading with people to tell me if I’m being annoying and the worst, but everyone seems pretty appreciative. Can’t wait to slip back into my role as social media editor. But hey, I’ve been producing a magazine every month for the past 15 months. I’m not a bad person to have around.

I still have yet to explore the city, except for when I get lost and inadvertently explore. Was hoping to pop over to Finnery’s, the San Francisco sports bar, tonight, but the Giants game doesn’t start until 10:15, and I aint got time for that late night biznatch. I’m excited for Dom to get into town so we can run around and stay out late and definitely not drink boots of beer. No one should drink boots of beer.

The picture above is the only one I’ve taken, aside from a blurry shot of the Empire State Building taken in the crosswalk so I wouldn’t look too touristy. Will remedy ASAP, and keep on updating when I can. Gotta go prepare for tomorrow’s speakers and retool my resume.

Til later alligators.




  1. Kristi · · Reply

    I love youuuuuu!! So happy that things are starting off wonderfully! I am especially proud of your $10 bar tab. I need to be there.

    1. Missssss you!!

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