Watching Someone Else’s Movies: Dirty Harry

As I prepare to move, I’m trying to watch through some of my dad’s favorite movies (or just the movies he’s owned). You can check out the other random flicks I’ve watched here


Remember those antibiotics I mentioned? Yeaaaah, turns out I was allergic to them. This week has been another one of going in and out of Kaiser. Since I’m under self-instated house arrest due to a really sexy full body rash, figured I’d catch up with Clint in between cold baths and wondering what I did to the world to deserve this terrible karma.

First off, had no clue Dirty Harry was set in San Francisco. Also, I’m not convinced Clint Eastwood is ever actually acting. I’m pretty sure he’s just a bad ass, and figured out he could make money from it. I mean, he just refers to one guy as “fatso.” I’m also glad I got to hear the “do you hear lucky punk?” line. I love movies where everyone uses personal ads to communicate covertly. it must have been tough back in the day to plot an assassination or coup without the internet.

And major scenes take place in Kezar! MAJOR bonus points for that. Fun facts: the actor that plays the Scorpio killer went on to compile a pretty impressive resume, including Larry in Hellraiser and  GARAK IN STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE!!

To be honest, I kind of lost interest halfway into the movie, but that may be because i was cleaning out my kitchen. I’m not sure I would have loved this movie when it first came out, so it may not be about a generation gap, but more about my lack of appreciation for the genre. But you go on being a bad ass, Clint. Even if these days you seem to be taking a lot of your anger out on chairs.


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