Watching Someone Else’s Movies: Lethal Weapon


The movie kicks off with some tits, a bad perm, and fuchsia blush. Good start. Remember when Mel Gibson was hot and not terrible? I’m honestly just waiting for Danny Glover to say “I’m getting too old for this shit.” Gary Busey!!

ok, i seriously remember nothing from this movie other than the fact that Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are in it. But the slow mo! The Busey! The pedo vibes Gibson gives Glover’s daughter! Yeah… it doesn’t hold up for me, but I can see why this was the jam back in the day. Also, I was cooking a labor-intensive Brussels sprouts salad (NEVER again), so maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention. I’ll keep it because it’s a classic (?) but I can’t see myself yearning for another viewing every few months. Killer credits song, though.


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