Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Throwback – Wish You a Good Day

Today…today was a day. I came back to work after my Austin vacation (more on that to come) to find a new computer/monitor. And then halfway through the day, following a restart, I found out all of my passwords had been changed. Which, you know, should be whatever. I kept telling myself it didn’t matter. […]

Last-Minute Valentine: Bake Something

Are you freaking out about Valentine’s Day yet? I usually go through bouts of crippling self-doubt around Christmas, second-guessing all of my presents, but February 14 tends to be a stress-free affair since Dom and I agree not to give gifts. Which is actually really a gift to me because, let’s be real, guys have […]

Travel Tunes: January Playlist

Okay, I get that we’re sneaking up to mid-February. But I kept waffling on including older songs with some newly discovered ones. In the end, I ditched a few I had gotten tired of, kept a few real oldies that were new to me, and decided more people need to listen to Stars. Also, just […]

SF Beer Week Events in the East Bay

It occurred to me that this nifty roundup of SF Beer Week events happening in the East Bay may come in handy for my friends. It’s mainly focused on the ‘burbs, but there are some real winners in there. I may be headed over to Sour Sunday. Join me! It still counts as teamwork if […]

Pretending to be Crafty: Valentine’s Day

[clockwise] stamped paper cup :: candy hearts :: heart attack :: window hearts I used to hate the holiday, and I can’t say I loooove it, but I do love a good excuse to pretend I’m crafty. Unfortunately, with a flight to Austin on Thursday, time is a little scarce, so I’m looking for fairly […]

Friday Link Dump

I’ve been dying to get a real post up, but I’ve been slammed at work, and just had chocolate for dinner. Don’t judge me, I worked out tonight, even though insanely buff chick was pumping iron in my gym. Without a shirt on, obviously. I’m tucking in early, since I have a ton to do […]

Baked: Super Bowl Desserts

Alternate title: adventures in photoshop elements. NAILED IT. Or the opposite of that, since it only took me an hour. AN HOUR. I’m tackling the hamburgers, made from peanut butter cookies, brownies, shredded coconut, and icing, but I wouldn’t mind attempting any of the others. Dessert nachos are blowing my mind. IMAGE: burgers :: cake pops :: dessert nachos :: ritz.

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