In My Carry-On: San Antonio


First off, ignore the terrible photo quality in this post. I took it at approximately 2 a.m., during a break from clawing laundry out of my dryer and cleaning out my fridge. I hate coming back to a messy apartment after I travel. Also, SHOCKINGLY my iPhone doesn’t take the best photos in my cave of a room. Go figure. Here’s what I fly with. Bag not pictured because it is terrible.

  1. A book. Probably one from this list. The annoying thing about planes is that they make you turn off your electronics for take-off and landing. The annoying thing about me is that my eyes start to hurt after reading on a screen for too long. Both require supplemental reading material. The in-flight magazine, with its ALREADY DONE crossword really doesn’t count.
  2. A notebook. I got this one for free on a press trip, it’s very handsome and leathery, and I have yet to write in it. But I brought it on that flight with the best of intentions, making noise about how I was “going to document everything” and “take really good notes,” neither of which I did. Not unlike my press trips.
  3. iPad. I actually don’t use my iPad as much as I’d like, except when traveling or cooking, but it makes you look important when you’re on a flight, even if you’re actually just watching Downton Abbey.
  4. Gum. Not to help with the ears popping, but because I’ll definitely fall asleep at some point with my mouth open, and be blessed with the kind of breath open-mouthed sleeping after ingesting airplane almonds can only provide.
  5. Wallet. I think this is somewhat important. Especially if you need to charge $2 for a set of earbuds. I probably don’t need one that can hold a piggybank worth of coins, but that’s for another day.
  6. Underwear carrier thing. Since my travel bags all seem to be terrible, I’m convinced they eat my chapsticks, or lazily let them roll away from my bag, and consequently down the entire airplane and oh forget I’ll just buy another one. Now I shove them all in this dinosaur from Urban Outfitters, circa 2004. Note the 8 million lipsticks.
  7. Burts bees. Mouth sleeping makes your lips really chappy. So do the MAC lipsticks I insist on wearing. You know what makes you look really pulled together? Red lipstick on a plane. Unless you fall asleep and smudge it across your face and dont notice until you’ve landed, been out and about amongst strangers, and gotten to your hotel room.
  8. Passport. Ever since I lost my ID somewhere on my flight to Omaha, I now travel with my Passport AND ID. And Dom still asks me if I have my ID. Not without good reason.

Not pictured: Sunglasses, because I hate the pair I have and the painful indent they leave on my nose. Headphones, because I forgot them, had Dom bring them, and consequently discovered the batteries were dead (yes, Bose headphone are battery powered). Magazine, because it had Jennifer Lawrence on the cover and I couldn’t say no. Terrible bag.


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