I spent the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, inside getting a massage and hanging out in a sauna. Sun worshiper, I am not. But now that we’re officially into summer I can’t help but feel like I’m saying goodbye to New York with each passing week, so I’m trying to make the […]

The funny thing about shots is, as you get older, you really know better. You KNOW better. You know you shouldn’t do them, that tomorrow will be the ugliest of all uglies if you throw back whiskey or tequila with reckless abandon, that you will hate life if you take shots. So by writing about […]

Patriotism edition (not really)!! I’ve actually had this post queued up for ooooooh two weeks now, but couldn’t be bothered to write an intro, apparently. GOOD WORK KRISTEN. Psh, work isn’t even that busy and I don’t have any freelance jobs at the moment. No excuses. I hope everyone has fantastic plans for the fourth. […]

I’m convinced that anyone who claims to “really love juice cleanses” and to be “totally satiated” during three days of juice-only sustenance is thriving completely off their own smugness, and at night they just go home and dream about eating real food. Wait, was that just me? Oh good. I’m not going to lie: Juice […]

You guys. I am so sore. Like, cannot even move my arms and my inner thighs are slowly realizing they’re going to face the same fate and maybe I’ll have to sit down on a bench while waiting for the subway sore. Shit’s getting real with my muscles, and it’s all thanks to Fhitting Room. […]

One of the best things about my apartment building is the on-site gym, which makes its closure during a six-week renovation especially irksome. Also problematic is the fact that I am poor poor poor, and also that I hate having to schmooze with gym types for their free intro offers. Seriously, why is that a […]

I love the Northwest. I really do. If you asked me for my favorite city in the US, I’d probably say Seattle, followed quickly be the disclaimer that I probably couldn’t live there since, you know, Seahawks. But I also have a certain fondness for Seattle’s quirkier neighbor to the south, in that state that […]

Ever have one of those months when everything is absolute insanity? Where you go, “yay, new month” and then the next second that month is over and you never posted its playlist (guilty)? Well, those were May and June for me. I actually have zero clue where they went (although I suppose I could still […]

I recently posted a Facebook status along the lines of “I’d describe my personal style as eclectic mixed with guy who gets lap band surgery and refuses to buy new shirts,” and I don’t really think I was over-exaggerating that much. I love a good over-sized shirt. In my head, I think it balances my […]

  Despite what I’ve been told at beauty counters and by my mom, for some reason I refuse to believe I have good skin. The self-doubt (self-denial?) has only gotten worse in New York, where I’m pretty sure my skin has gone full-blown teen rebellion mode and forsaken me. It doesn’t help that I interact […]


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